Licensing for one year: TOP20 of the 5G new infrastructure pioneer list is released!

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 Licensing for one year: TOP20 of the 5G new infrastructure pioneer list is released!

5G network is a new type of infrastructure construction project that is highly valued by the country. It can not only support more users, expand network coverage, accelerate the whole society to the era of Internet of Things, but also form a new industry direction and economic growth point. In February 2020, the Politburo meeting emphasized the need to accelerate the development of 5G networks. In March, the Politburo Standing Committee meeting further emphasized that to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers, 5G was given high hopes for new infrastructure.

June 2020 is the first anniversary of the official licensing of 5G in China. On the way of 5G commercial practice, the innovation of 5G technology and the construction of the future network are continuing, and batches of enterprises are running in the tide of new 5G infrastructure. They continue to break through barriers and help the industry move forward, so which of these companies are the true pioneers of new 5G infrastructure?

Based on this, the "Communications Industry News" all media special planning, from the main equipment provider, network construction service provider, fiber optic cable manufacturer, antenna feeder system provider, SDN/NFV provider, chip, registered or registered branch company in China Module manufacturers, supporting solution providers and other companies comprehensively selected 20 companies from the three dimensions of technological R&D and innovation, market leadership, and industry development potential for the "2020 5G New Infrastructure Pioneer List."

will also work hard to learn from these excellent peers. We believe that our sheet metal cabinets, optical cables and jumpers will become better and better, contributing part of the power in 5G construction.