2020: Looking Forward to "New Infrastructure

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                                                                         2020: Looking Forward to "New Infrastructure

  At present, with the spread of foreign epidemics, the trend of the global economy entering a downward cycle is becoming more obvious. The global 5G construction will inevitably slow down compared with the plan in 2020, but it should be pointed out that China, as the world's largest 5G market First, affected by the "new infrastructure", the overall 5G development will not slow down, and a new round of acceleration is being ushered in at the network construction and application level.


  In the past three months, the central government has repeatedly mentioned new infrastructure-related content and vigorously developed 5G networks, which shows the important position of 5G in the new infrastructure. At the same time, 13 provinces (cities and districts) have issued investment plans for key projects in 2020, with a total investment of 33.83 trillion yuan, of which tens of trillions will be invested in new infrastructure.


  As the main force to promote network construction, the three major operators also issued rhetoric in 2020. The total investment for 5G network construction is about 180.3 billion yuan, and more than 500,000 5G base stations will be built throughout the year.


  Faced with the new growth momentum, companies such as main equipment providers, network construction service providers, optical fiber and optical cable manufacturers, antenna feed system providers, chip module vendors, and supporting solution providers around 5G networks will also usher in a new round of growth The driving force, by then, communications companies will seize the opportunity, while steadily resuming work while continuously increasing the core competitiveness of products to gain more market favor, and then drive the entire industry to achieve healthy development.


Undoubtedly, among the listed companies in China, listed communication companies will also be one of the most promising clusters in 2020. Undoubtedly, 5G will be a black land for sustainable cultivation in the global market in the next few years, while Chinese listed communication companies It will become an important driving engine for the digital economy, and further help China's economy to improve quality and efficiency and high-quality development.