Good News! The Products of CCOFC have passed German TUV IEC Test Certification

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In November 2019,The telecom products of fiber optic cable and fiber optic patch cord of Guangdong Changcheng Communication Co., Ltd had have passed the German TUV IEC test certification.TÜV Rhine Group (TUVRheinland) is currently the largest and most globally recognized inspection agency in Germany. All products sold to Germany must be TüV certified for safe use.

  There are two important significants for the commpany with the German TUV IEC Test Certification:

Fistly,not only the quality of the products have been highly recognized by the international authoritative inspection agency,but also our customers and potential customers are more recognize and confident with the quality of the produts.

Sencondly,it’s conducive to the development of international markets.Obtaining the TUV IEC test certification makes it easier for our products to enter the German market, and is also conducive to opening up other international markets.

The company strives to provide customers with more satisfactory products and services. We believe firmly that: excellent service quality and good customer relationships are the foundation of the company's survival and development.