Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the Company

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Eternal Five Years, Thank you.
—— The grand ceremony of the 5th anniversary of the founding of Changcheng Communications Technology Co., Ltd. was solemnly held on February 23, 2019.
Time flies, time flies, five years is only a moment in the long history, but it is so magnificent. Five years have left us with precious wealth; five years have left us with heavy responsibilities; five years have witnessed the storms of yesterday; five years have witnessed the brilliance of tomorrow. Build a dream for five years, and make a brilliant future! _

Guests sign in for photos

Etiquette for guests to wear custom scarves

On February 23, 2019, Changcheng Communications Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changcheng Communications) celebrated its 5th anniversary with flowers, flags and balloons. At 6 p.m., a grand celebration was held in Changcheng Communications Technology Co., Ltd., No. 1 Foling Road, Fuzhushan, Laobu Town, Dongguan City. Nearly 1,000 people, including relevant leaders of Fujian Chamber of Commerce, representatives of Yishite Group Co., Ltd., suppliers, relevant media, all colleagues of Changcheng Science and Technology and others from all walks of life, participated in the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Changcheng Communications, wearing a custom-made red scarf. We shared the joy and splendor of the 5th anniversary of Changcheng Science and Technology.
At 18:30, the 5th anniversary celebration of Changcheng Communications officially opened. The lion dance in the opening stage is exciting, exciting and energetic, which makes people feel more energetic. The lion dance in the wake shows the lion's vivid expression. The orderly and shocking drums are powerful, thick, loud and inspiring. The lion jumps with the beat, walks vigorously, blinks his eyes and fans his ears. When lively, when powerful, really intoxicating, giving people a huge visual impact.

    After a wonderful visual enjoyment, Mr. Yang Yangjie, General Manager Zheng Lili, Chairman of Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Li Zizhu, and Mr. Yang Zhipeng, Vice-President of Yishite Group Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively. In his speech, Chairman Yang Yangjie reviewed the past hard work, talked freely about the current good situation and described the bright future. He thanked the correct leadership of government departments at all levels in Dongguan, the strong support of partners and the hard work of employees. He firmly believed that Changcheng Communications would be more brilliant in the next five years. General Manager Zheng Lili gave a free speech on the stage with a banter. Talk and win applause from everyone; Chairman Li Zizhu's speech came from the heart to express entrepreneurs'great ambition of persistent belief, pursuit of dreams and success; Mr. Yang Zhipeng expressed his deep emotion and confidence in the bright future of cooperation with Changcheng Communications.

Address by Chairman Yang Jie

Address by General Manager Zheng Lili

Speech by Chairman Li Zizhu on the spot

Mr. Yang Zhipeng's Speech on the Spot

Toast to company leaders
Five-year achievements can not be separated from the unremitting efforts and hard sweat of Changcheng Communications and partners. One of the main contents of the celebration is to commend the meritorious officials and reward the advanced ones. Five "Excellent Employee Awards", two "Best Growth Awards", three "Best Contribution Awards", two "Best New Person Awards" and one "Excellent Team" were announced on the celebration site and award ceremonies were held to recognize and affirm them one by one.

General Manager Zheng Lili presented awards to the winners of "Excellent Employees" and "Best Growth Award"

Chairman Yang Yangjie awarded awards to the winners of Best Contribution Award, Best New Person Award and Excellent Team
The celebration's literary and artistic performances are very wonderful. We have invited professional performers to bring elaborate songs, dances, zither and other programs. The climax of the festival comes up one after another, and the performances are splendid. "Burning My Calories" and so on reproduce the company's five-year development and passion. Guzheng performance "Shandandan Blossom Red and Brilliant" expresses the longest successor's wishes for the company's birthday, "Change Yourself", "Glorious Years", "Good Time", "Entering a New Age" and so on, which shows the youthful and aggressive spirit of the longest successor. Performers perform passionately on the stage. The warm applause and whistles from the stage keep ringing. They interact with each other from the stage and push the atmosphere of the scene to a climax one after another.

Passionate Dance Burning My Calories

The charming zither performance "Shandandandan Blossoms Red and Brilliant"

China's Good Voice Dongguan Champion Brings Songs "Change Yourself" and "Glorious Years"

Vigorous Dance Good Time

Vigorous and youthful dance "Singing a New Age" and "Pray for You"

The exciting part is the lottery draw. The company has prepared a lot of prizes to thank the leaders and workers for their hard work. There are drum washing machines, vivo mobile phones, pull-rod boxes, golden pigs and gold bills, etc. It is a dazzling sight. Of course, the biggest surprise is the double-door refrigerator.
Here's a surprise lottery draw

Chairman Yang Yangjie posed with the first prize and the first prize lucky man

Mr. Zheng Shifu, Manager of Overseas Business Department, presented prizes for the third-class lucky children.

Ms. Ye Yuanling, Assistant General Manager's Office, and Lucky Fourth Prize

Mr. Wu Zemin, Director of Production Department, posed for the lucky fifth prize.

There are also various awards sponsored by partners and cash awards, which are exciting.
Leaders start the next five more brilliant years

Finally, Changcheng Communication Leadership collectively sang glorious years, symbolizing the opening of the next more brilliant five years. The 5th anniversary celebration is over, but the pace of Changcheng Communications will not stop, the spirit of Changcheng Communicators'struggle will not stop, Changcheng Communications will continue to make great efforts on the road ahead, continue to break through difficulties, and create brilliance again!