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  •  2020: Looking Forward to
  • F5G


  • South China Institute of technology and Hunan University of Technology
    South China Institute of technology and Hunan U...

    The Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is an important space carrier for national construction of world-class urban agglomeration and participation in global competition. It is one of the four major bays in the world, which are comparable to New York Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area...


  • SME Expo exhibition activities
    SME Expo exhibition activities

    On October 11, more than 20 science and technology enterprises, such as Guangdong Changcheng Communications Technology Co., Ltd., were invited by the town government to participate in the 15th International Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Expo.


  • August employee birthday Party
    August employee birthday Party

    In August 25, 2018, we held a birthday party in the conference room on the third floor of the executive office building. 5 birthday stars and company leaders attended the party. The whole birthday party is lively in form and rich in content, bringing you gusts of surprises.


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